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5 Advantages of Commercial Power Washing

September 14, 2018

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Every home needs regular power washing, but this job is not something that a homeowner should try to manage on their own. Check out these five advantages of commercial power washing, along with some reasons why it's good to leave this work to professionals, so you know your home is always spotlessly clean and looking its best.

1. Benefits of Pressure Washing Window Glass

​If you've ever tried to clean old window glass and found that it still seems cloudy and dull, this discoloration can be the result of built-up dust and dirt. As debris settles on home windows, it can eventually etch the glass, causing microscopic scratches along its surface.

These scratches are unsightly enough, but they also allow more dirt and debris to settle into their cracks and crevices. This begins an endless cycle of damage and cloudiness to the glass; more dust and debris means more damage to the glass, which allows even more dirt to collect on the glass, and which makes the glass seem even cloudier.

Cleaning the outside of residential windows with ordinary glass cleaners and tools is often not enough to remove all that debris, and this can make the problem worse! Spray cleaners that dry before you can wipe them away, along with scratchy cloths, may rub dry dirt and dust into the glass, causing more microscopic scratches.

Our professional power washing services can ensure that a home's windows are appropriately cleaned, without harsh chemicals or abrasive tools. We can also safely manage this job without the risk of shattering a window, while also ensuring there are no streaks left behind, so your home's windows look sparkling clean!

2. Home Power Washing Services Protect the Structure's Roof

​You may not think that commercial power washing has anything to do with a home's roof, but built-up dirt, leaves, twigs, seeds, and other debris can easily damage roofing tiles. Solid debris that isn't washed away can get wedged under roofing tiles, causing them to get loose and come away from the roof itself.When roofing tiles get overly damp, this can allow algae to grow along the edges and underneath those tiles. Like mold, algae can then spread across the roof, also causing those tiles and shingles to come loose and get blown away in a storm.

As with washing windows, you want to leave the job of power washing your home's roof to a professional, as being on any roof is dangerous; climbing around on a wet roof is even more precarious! It's also difficult to wash a roof from the ground without splashing yourself with hot, soapy water, so let us manage this job for you.

3. Home power washing services to properly clean wood decks

If your home has a wood deck, you know the importance of keeping that deck clean and free of mold growth. Mold that clings to wood deck pieces can soon spread, holding moisture against that wood, causing it to soften and weaken. Dirt, mud, and other debris on the deck are also very unsightly and can detract from your enjoyment of your outdoor space.While wood decks need regular power washing, this is also a job you should avoid doing yourself. Using the wrong detergent on wood can dry those slats and beams, causing them to get brittle and then cup and bow.

Also, using too much pressure on chipped or cracked areas of wood can cause the material to splinter, ruining your deck. To ensure the wood is cleaned correctly, and without damage, call us for commercial power washing every year or as often as needed to keep your home's deck looking its best.

4. Commercial power washing companies get the cracks and crevices of a home

When a homeowner tries to pressure wash their home's exterior, they often overlook the need to thoroughly clean the cracks and crevices of the roof eaves, the area under the gutters, and hidden areas around the home's downspouts. In turn, it's easy to miss the spots that hold the most dust, dirt, cobwebs, and other such debris!Our highly trained power washing technicians will know to wash the areas of a home's exterior that hold the most dirt, even though these areas may be hidden away and out of sight. This will ensure your home's exterior is clean and free of built-up dust and mud, as well as nests, webs, and other pest infestations that are often found along roof eaves and in dark, unseen corners of a home.

5. Commercial pressure washing services will use the right detergents

Commercial power washing of a home's exterior surfaces often includes more than just spraying hot water on those materials; detergents are typically added to the water tank to thoroughly clean caked-on dirt and mud, and to wash away algae, mold, and other such contaminants. However, not all detergents used for pressure washing a home's exterior are the same!The heavy-duty detergents needed to remove mold and algae from a roof may leave streaks and spots on window glass and aluminum siding. On the other hand, the mild detergent that is used for window glass may not clean caked-on mud or mold that is clinging to your home's deck.

Because choosing the right detergents can be challenging, it's good to leave the work of commercial power washing to a professional. We will use a variety of cleansers when we visit your home and will know which detergent to use according to the type of dirt, dust, mold, or other debris that needs cleaning.

Commercial power washing West Hartford CT can protect and preserve your home's roof, exterior walls, deck, and all other surfaces from dirt, mud, mold, algae, insect and bird nests, and many other damaging elements. This service is more affordable than you may realize and is recommended after rainy summer seasons, when you're ready to open the home's outside for entertaining, and especially when you want to sell your home. Before you waste time, money, and effort on attempting to pressure wash your home yourself, and to ensure your house is always clean and looking its best, call us for a free commercial power washing quote today.

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