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Can Water Damage Restoration Services in Hartford Save Carpeting?

July 6, 2019

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Not even the best water damage restoration services in Hartford can restore carpets ruined by extreme flooding, but don’t start calling for new carpet installation prices just yet! Expert carpet cleaning services can clean and sanitize flood-damaged carpets, removing unsightly stains and residues. Before your home suffers through a flood or burst pipe, check out what’s involved in Hartford water damage restoration services and how these can save your home’s flooring!

Can Hartford Water Damage Restoration Services Save Carpeting?

Home water damage restoration services in Hartford can save carpeting that has not been exposed to highly contaminated floodwaters, meaning water that doesn’t contain sewage, mold, chemicals, and other harmful materials. Carpets can typically be cleaned and sanitized if they’ve been flooded by:

  • Overflowing washing machines
  • Broken dishwashers
  • Broken water heaters
  • Overflowing bathtubs and shower pans
  • Clean toilet water or toilets containing urine only
  • Overflowing or broken aquariums
  • Leaking or broken waterbeds
  • Broken or burst water pipes
  • Exterior floodwaters not originating from sewer overflows

Note that carpet cleaning services in Hartford can also typically remove excessive levels of floodwaters so even if your home’s floors are saturated or under several inches of water, they might still be excellent candidates for water damage restoration services!

How Do You Clean a Carpet in Hartford That Has Water Damage?

Professional water damage restoration in Hartford starts with a full evaluation of the extent of the damage and reason for flooding, to ensure the source of the flood has been addressed and to consider what cleaning is needed. Once your property has been through a full evaluation, water damage restoration steps then include:

  • Extraction removes any standing water as well as excess water from the carpet and its underlying padding.
  • Excess water is also removed from the home and especially the area of flooding. Heavy-duty dehumidifiers and ventilation equipment are put into place during this phase of water damage restoration services in Hartford.
  • Humidity levels are also monitored during the extraction and drying process, as this alerts a carpet cleaning service of excess water behind walls or underneath floorboards.
  • Once water is removed and humidity levels normalized, carpets are shampooed as needed.
  • Sanitizing follows shampooing and cleaning, to kill germs, bacteria, developing mold spores, and algae.
  • Odor neutralizers are applied to carpets and flooring, to remove the lingering smell of mold and other such odors.

Full water damage restoration services in Hartford also include replacing trim work such as baseboards, damaged grout around tiles, and other materials.

How Long Does It Take for Mold to Grow in Wet Carpets?

Depending on the overall humidity levels in a home, its interior temperature, exposure to sunlight, and other such factors, mold might develop under wet carpets in as little as 24 to 48 hours. However, that growing mold might not become visible for some 18 to 21 days!

Understanding how quickly mold grows might help a homeowner understand the importance of water damage restoration services in Hartford after a flood of any size. Simply vacuuming up water is not sufficient for ensuring the carpet and its underlying padding are both dry and for avoiding the potential for mold growth and development.

Hartford Water Damage Restoration Services and Your Health!

Professional water damage restoration services in Hartford restore a carpet to its original condition and remove unpleasant odors from the home. However, carpet cleaning after a flood also protects your health!

Mold prevention is just one reason to consider carpet cleaning services in Hartford after an outside flood, burst pipe, and the like. Even water from a waterbed, washing machine, and other household item might contain tremendous amounts of germs and harmful bacteria, and floodwaters also tend to trap and hold dirt, dust, allergens, pet waste, and other bothersome debris already held by carpet fibers!

Everyday vacuums and even shop vacuums cannot remove all the bothersome and unhealthy debris found in carpets after flooding. Proper water damage restoration services in Hartford along with carpet shampooing and sanitizing ensures proper air quality in your home and kills bothersome mold spores and other harmful contaminants contained in floodwaters and carpeting.

Can Carpet Padding Be Dried With Hartford Water Damage Restoration Services?

One reason to rely on professional water damage restoration services for carpeting is that underlying padding and a home’s subflooring absorb water rather quickly. These surfaces and materials are also difficult to dry thoroughly and especially through extraction techniques alone. A professional carpet cleaner in Hartford will usually pull up the carpeting and inspect the padding and floorboards underneath, evaluating the level of water damage and absorption.

In some cases, floodwaters ruin carpet padding, shredding the foam or rubber materials. The padding might also develop mold growth before water damage restoration services and then needs replacing. Only a water damage restoration company in Hartford can determine if your home’s carpet padding can be salvaged after a flood!

What to Do About Spilled Water on Carpet

Water is not as harmless to carpeting as you might assume. If you spill a bottle of water on carpeting, it’s vital that you address this spill quickly and effectively! Note a few steps to follow to remove spilled water on carpet:

  • Use lots of paper towels or a very absorbent rag and blot the water; don’t rub the spot in circles as this just pushes the water into the carpets.
  • Press down as hard as possible with your towels as this pulls water up from the fibers.
  • Use a heat source such as a hairdryer on the spot, to dry water under the carpet and along the underlying padding.
  • Turn on some fans, one directed at the water spot and one out of the room, to dry the carpet and pull moisture out of the area.

If you still notice water after trying all these steps, and especially if you begin to notice a musty or moldy smell in your home, you need to call for water damage restoration services in Hartford right away! A professional will remove any remaining water and treat the carpeting for mold growth and developing mildew.


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