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How Much Should Tile and Grout Cleaning in West Hartford, CT, Cost?

April 17, 2020

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Professional tile and grout cleaning in a West Hartford, CT, home improves the look of flooring in an instant while also ensuring a safe and hygienic space. Porous tile and grout tends to hold germs, bacteria, mold, and other harmful contaminants too difficult to reach and clean with standard household mops and scrub brushes.

Most West Hartford tile and grout cleaning companies charge by the square footage. National averages typically range between $1 and $3 depending on a home’s flooring material and amount of dirt needing cleaning. Added services, such as tile sealing and odor neutralizing, add to your costs.

tile & grout cleaning in west hartford

If you’re like many homeowners, you probably put off professional tile and grout cleaning as well as carpet cleaning in West Hartford for as long as possible, but it’s vital that you schedule these services as needed. It’s also important to leave this work to professionals rather than assuming you can rent equipment from the hardware store and manage it yourself! Note a few important reasons you should schedule regular floor cleaning for a West Hartford home and a few tips on how to choose the right cleaning method as well.

Why Call Professionals to Clean Tile and Grout in West Hartford

Everyday mopping is insufficient for deep cleaning tile and grout in a West Hartford home, for the simple reason that tile and grout are both very porous. You might not see all the pits and pores along a floor’s surface but those small nooks and crannies are perfect for hiding layers of dirt, mud, dried dust, germs, bacteria, mold, and other bothersome contaminants.

Unfortunately, those pores are large enough to hold dirt and grime but too small for a standard mop to reach! Running a mop head or even a scrub brush over the surface of tile floors is insufficient for proper cleaning and may even push that dirt and grime further into the tile.

Household floor cleaners are also typically insufficient for loosening dirt and grime and killing germs, bacteria, mold spores, and other irritants. These cleaners might loosen some surface materials but are not strong enough to break up ground-in dirt and they also don’t brighten grout and caulk.

How Do Professionals Clean Grout and Tile in a West Hartford Home?

Most professional tile and grout cleaning in West Hartford begins with a damp clean, to remove surface dirt and so that a cleaning contractor can inspect those floors properly. Next, he or she will usually apply steam along the surface of tile and grout, using special equipment designed for flooring cracks and crevices.

Steam loosens ground-in dirt and grime while also softening those substances, making it easier to clean them away thoroughly. Professional grade detergents also seep into nooks and crannies of tile and grout, helping to loosen dirt and break up solid debris. Those detergents also help to kill germs and bacteria, as does steam, ensuring a hygienic surface.

A professional floor cleaner works quickly to remove surface dirt as he or she applies steam, ensuring that dirt doesn’t settle back into the floor tile as the steam dissipates. If needed, he or she might then apply a specialty cleanser and use high-power floor scrubbers to scrub away dirt, mud, and other grime from your home’s flooring and surrounding grout.

tile and grout cleaning west hartford

Contrary to what many homeowners assume, bleach doesn’t whiten grout! Bleach removes inks and dyes from fabric and other surfaces, creating a bright white finish, but doesn’t offer the same results for grout and white floor tiles. To whiten grout, a flooring contractor might apply a finish with ammonia, vinegar, baking soda, peroxide, or another such base, creating a bright finish between tiles.

A sealant provides an added barrier or layer of protection for tile and grout, keeping floors clean between professional visits. Your floor cleaning company in West Hartford might recommend the best sealant for your flooring type, keeping them looking their best and avoiding added wear and tear.

Benefits of Tile and Grout Cleaning in West Hartford

Homeowners and business owners are often surprised at the difference in a floor’s appearance after professional tile and grout cleaning in West Hartford. As dirt and grime build up over time, it’s easy to overlook dull and dingy tile and grout harboring dirt and other debris. Professional floor cleaning improves the look of an entire room instantly, creating a pristine appearance you’re sure to love.

More than improving appearances, professional floor cleaning including carpet shampooing in West Hartford provides hygienic surfaces while also enhancing indoor air quality. Dirt and debris embedded in floor tiles or trapped along carpet fibers often become airborne as you walk over those floors, increasing the risk of someone inhaling those irritants or having them settle onto the skin.

Along with dirt and mud from outside the home, floors also trap pet hair and dander, pollen, airborne chemicals, soot, insect droppings, and other bothersome debris. Without consistent, professional tile and grout cleaning and carpet shampooing in West Hartford, your home’s air quality is often compromised and those with allergies, asthma, and other breathing disorders might be especially affected.

tile floor cleaned by West Hartford Carpet Cleaners

Dirt and grime also wear down tile surfaces and carpet fibers, creating a dull, dingy, and matted look. If left unclean, those surfaces eventually become so worn and dirty that they need replacing rather than cleaning! Professional steam cleaning, shampooing, scrubbing, and sealing prolongs the life of a home’s floors while also ensuring they look their best over the years.

Choosing the Best Floor Cleaning Method

There are many floor cleaning methods for both carpet and tile, but note that steam offers many advantages over standard shampooing, scrubbing, and other such methods. Steam loosens dirt while also killing germs, bacteria, and mold spores, for a sanitary and hygienic environment.

Steam is also an excellent choice for those bothered by chemicals and strong odors, such as those from floor cleaning shampoos! As there is no detergent to rinse with steam cleaning, this floor cleaning method also tends to use less freshwater than standard shampooing.

Note that your floor cleaning company might recommend shampooing or scrubbing after steaming, depending on the condition of a home’s floor and tile materials. This ensures a thorough carpet, tile, and grout cleaning in West Hartford that is sure to last, and that keeps your home looking its best.

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