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How Often Should You Schedule Residential Carpet Cleaning in West Hartford?

October 7, 2019

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Regular residential carpet cleaning in West Hartford leaves behind a beautiful and soft flooring surface throughout your home. Professional rug cleaning also removes bothersome pollen, dust, pet hair and dander, mold spores, and other irritants, improving your home’s indoor air quality in an instant

While there are many benefits to consistent rug shampooing in West Hartford, you’ll only enjoy those benefits if you call a carpet cleaning company as often as needed and schedule a thorough cleaning! Obviously your home shouldn’t need a carpet shampooing service every week or month, but you might note some factors that affect how often you should schedule residential carpet cleaning in West Hartford. Discuss these details with a carpet cleaning company near you and ask for their advice as well, so you know your home’s rugs are always in their best condition!

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Why You Need Residential Carpet Cleaning in West Hartford

Every home needs regular West Hartford rug cleaning by a professional, but consider why you might need more consistent carpet shampooing or steam cleaning than other houses. If any of these factors apply to you and your home, consider annual or twice yearly carpet cleaning by West Hartford professionals:

  • Children are notorious for bringing in dirt, dust, mud, and other outside residues, even if you insist that everyone remove their shoes at the door. Children and pets who play outdoors will have dirt and dust clinging to their clothes and fur, and that debris then settles onto a home’s rugs once they come indoors!
  • Since dogs tend to lay right on carpeting, your home might be prone to pet stains and odors even if your four-legged friends are trained to relieve themselves outdoors! Homeowners can often go “nose blind” to those odors, which is why it’s good to have the rugs cleaned regularly whether or not you notice pet smells.
  • Airborne cigarette smoke and residual ash settle into a home’s carpets and a household vacuum is typically ineffective at removing this debris properly.
  • Thick and deep rug fibers trap and hold lots of debris that a vacuum cleaner cannot reach. The thicker your home’s carpet fibers, the more likely it is that you need professional carpet cleaning in West Hartford on an annual basis, at least.
  • Food odors and smoke from the kitchen also get trapped and locked in a home’s carpeting. If you tend to cook with garlic, onions, and other such odorous foods or create lots of smoke and steam while cooking, your home will need more consistent rug cleaning in West Hartford.
  • Nearby production facilities, busy roadways, construction zones, and other such areas often create airborne dust, soot, and debris that settle into residential homes and work their way into the carpeting. Regular deep cleaning removes that debris and keeps the rugs looking their best.
  • Lots of foot traffic, even if you leave shoes at the door, will tend to wear down rug fibers and create a flattened, worn look to the carpets. Carpet steam cleaning in West Hartford restores the nap and comfort of those fibers and makes carpets look like new!

When to Schedule Extra Residential Carpet Cleaning in West Hartford

In addition to your regular annual rug cleaning in West Hartford, there are times when you might want to call a carpet cleaning company for a special or lightweight cleaning. For example, if your home has suffered a burst pipe, overflowing toilet, or other plumbing disaster, those waters may contain unhygienic sediment and even raw sewage. Store-bought carpet cleaners are often ineffective at removing those dangerous materials completely, so call a carpet cleaning company in West Hartford instead. A carpet cleaning contractor in West Hartford ensures that carpets are not only clean but hygienic and safe for you and your family!

You might also consider a thorough carpet cleaning in West Hartford if you’ll be putting your home on the real estate market or using it for a special occasion such as a wedding reception, holiday dinner, family reunion, and the like. You may not notice certain spots or odors in your home’s carpeting but a through rug shampooing in West Hartford ensures your home is ready for guests and visitors!

Since a professional carpet cleaning in West Hartford restores the look and feel of your home’s rugs, you might also consider a through rug shampooing before deciding on buying new carpeting. You might be surprised at how carpet cleaning lightens the color of carpets and “fluffs up” even the most worn areas, so that the rugs look like new! Your carpet cleaning costs in West Hartford are typically far less than new carpeting, so you might end up saving hundreds if not thousands of dollars by having the floors shampooed before deciding on a new carpet installation.

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Your Carpet Cleaning West Hartford Options

You might be surprised to find out that you have many options for carpet cleaning in West Hartford beyond standard shampooing! Many carpet cleaning companies in West Hartford actually discourage deep shampooing, as it’s difficult to extract all that detergent completely. Shampoo residuals are sticky and might attract more dirt after carpet cleaning so that your rugs get dirtier, faster!

Steam cleaning is an excellent option for carpet cleaning West Hartford homes, as steam loosens dirt and debris while fluffing up carpet fibers. Steam also kills germs, bacteria, mold spores, and other harmful contaminants so that your home’s floors are safe and hygienic.

Dry cleaning uses a powder that is scrubbed into the rugs with a specialty brush, trapping and locking dirt so that it all gets extracted at once. Foam cleaning is similar to dry cleaning except that the cleaner begins to bubble and foam on contact, pulling dirt and debris to the surface of the home’s rugs, for easier extraction.

Bonnet cleaning includes a lightweight towel wrapped over a cleaning wand and which is rubbed over the home’s carpeting. This towel or bonnet removes lots of dust and debris, just like mopping tile floors! It’s an excellent choice for lighter residential carpet cleaning in West Hartford, such as for holidays and special occasions or for when the carpets just need a quick touchup cleaning between deep steam cleaning.


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