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Stains, doggy piddle, and that spaghetti sauce your toddler threw onto the floor don't stand a chance against our carpet cleaning Vernon. A lot of folks think there carpet, rug, and upholstery stains are hopeless, and we're here to ensure we have a solution. So, before you toss out your favorite chair or start ripping up that carpet, we suggest having a FREE consultation with one of our skilled carpet cleaning team members. 

You'll be amazed by what we have to offer. Since 1997, our company has been busy busting grit, grime, and odors from carpeting and rugs. We use non-toxic, natural detergents that are tough on stains and easy on YOU! Why don't you find out for yourself by calling us right now?

Our company is dedicated to working hard for you. There isn't a stain too tough for our team to tackle, and that's a promise.
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I only have one main large carpet in the living room, but on year five in my apartment I realized it was time to give it a legitimate cleaning. It looked amazing after West Hartford Carpet Cleaners were done. Like new! These guys were fast, professional, and really kept my best interests in mind. I highly recommend them!

- Susanne Banhan

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Carpet cleaning in Vernon, CT, is our flagship service, but it's definitely not all that we have to offer. Our team is skilled in antique rug and upholstery cleaning services too. We use a bit of a different model for cleaning the delicate fibers of area rugs and furniture, which mainly consists of using hand tools. 

Our carpet cleaning service usually involves powerful truck-mounted equipment. Do you know that the soaps we use are safe for humans and pets? Your home or office will not be left with a lingering chemical smell, either, which is great for those with fragrance sensitives. 

Do you deal with pet stains and odors? No problem! We have specially formulated detergents to take care of the unpleasantries associated with animal urine and poo. Another leg of our operation is tile and grout cleaning. Who has time to clean tiles on their own? Not many people, which is why we do it for them. Lastly, make sure to explore our hardwood floor refinishing services. You'll be glad that you did!

Look! We Offer Affordable Carpet Cleaning & Other Services!

You can't go wrong with the West Hartford Carpet Cleaners on your side! We offer a variety of services that go beyond carpet revitalization. Please take a moment to explore our services. Which ones best suit your needs?

Carpet Cleaning

Stains, foul smells, and dirt are all things that plague carpeting. Our role is to send them packing! We use truck-mounted equipment and hand tools to get your carpets looking and smelling fresh. After we're through, you don't have to worry about allowing your children to play on the floor or feel that your home smells unpleasant due to grimy carpeting.
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Area Rug Cleaning

Do you have area rugs that need revitalizing? We can help with that! Whether they are standard area rugs, antiques, or Oriental masterpieces, our crew has a way of making them look incredible again. Our techniques are much gentler for rugs due to their fragile nature, so you don't have to worry about the cleaning process causing any damage.
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Tile & Grout Cleaning

As a carpet cleaning company in Vernon, CT, we like to expand our services so that our clients have options. We fully understand that tile and grout cleaning can be a big pain in the you-know-what. Plus, who has time to clean their grout with a tiny little scrub brush? Even we don't have time for that, which is why we use superior steam pressure equipment for a quick finish.
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Upholstery & Furniture

Do you have a sinking feeling in the pit of your stomach because your favorite recliner is covered in stains, and you can't remove them? It can be a daunting feeling thinking that you have to throw a beloved piece of furniture out. Hold that thought! We have detergents and equipment to break through the stains barrier on upholstered items.
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Wood Floor Refinishing

Harwood resurfacing can be a very expensive and invasive projects, especially when sanding is involved. That's where we take the reigns and change how things are done. Our team uses an innovative method to refinish scruffy hardwood flooring that is fast and affordable and doesn't require any messy sanding.
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Pet Stain & Odor Removal

Having a dog or cat is a wonderful experience, but sometimes they leave you little gifts on your carpeting that you'd rather not receive. Sprays and detergents from the store often make the problem worse. Our soaps are formulated with enzymes known to blast urine odors out of your carpeting for good.
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West Hartford Carpet Cleaners has provided the best interior and exterior cleaning services in West Hartford for over 20 years. Learn more about carpet cleaning in our incredible knowledge base!
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